Matthew Grain Soils is one of the vital and strategical projects that Matthew care of.

Hence Matthew constructed it at the appropriate area and the right place (Gedarif) (large  scale production), to provide protection from the various elements of nature to the grain(shelter rain, wind, sun, storms, etc….)targeting the total quality, increasing the storage life of the grain efficiently applying the latest updated technology..In turn, affecting positively the economic growth.

Objectives of the Project :

1/ Providing a strategic stock of agricultural crops and food supplies

2/ Helping to focus prices in terms of ups and downs

3/ Reducing the percentage of losses in primitive storage 4/ Increasing awareness of warehousing in the state

4/ Raising exceptional work in services  and achieving a rewarding return for the investor

 5/  Achieving social development and reducing unemployment rates

6/ Protecting production and crops from harmful pests.

LOCATION: Gedarif Area..

Ttl. Project area: 20,000 m.

Ttl CAPACITY: 36,000 m/t (6 cilos)

Facilities: (Loading UL-Loading 100 t/h)

Weigh-bridge : available at the site..

Matthew Silos Gadarif city