Mixed Farm

   It’s one of Matthew group of companies which was strongly established to enter the chicken market in Sudan for both line of productions (poultry&meat) to become the biggest supplier in Sudan market.

Poultry Line:

   This line was totally imported from Europe specially Germany & Holland and it contains 20 close system houses with latest mechanical system of feeding which include 50.000 birds for each houses per production cycle.

Matthew Layer Line:

   The layer was fixed according to the highest European technology to produce a high quality eggs which are 100% automatic feeding, eggs collection and packing.

  As the biggest suppliers in the local market, keeping up with the demands of our consumers, the company has taken the initiative to install a far greater line of production with 70,000,000 eggs per annum.

Slaughter house: In efforts to continue our success in the production line it was deemed necessary to build a slaughter house equipped with the latest technology and strict bio-security measures along with the highest storage capacity for more than 1.000.000.

Feed factory: To ensure our brand’s quality we maintained focus on “natural feeding “whereby, preserving taste. to do this the company erected one of the latest in technology “feed factory “run by our qualified team and professionals using our special and optimized formula.

Marketing & Distribution:

   To guarantee the safe delivery of poultry products to our customer and agents, a selected team of professionals with expert knowledge and experience in logistics ensure the product arrive in perfect condition through the use of our modern transport fleet which successfully crosses beyond thousands of  kilometers per day.