Lubricants& LOBP

Lubricating oils and greases

Matthew Lubricants are formulated to the highest international standards & specifications as per:-

American Petroleum Institute Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)US Military (MIL)

Machine manufacturers like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, GM, Ford, Volvo, MACK, MAN, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Toyota & others.

As per Customer Formulation

Matthew lubricants are designed and produced with state of the art technologies that meet the Requirements of the original equipment manufacturers. The design and formulation of Matthew oils and greases have been carried with extensive researches and development mechanisms where Matthew collaborated with lubricants certifying firms, independent laboratories and lubricants international majors.

Customer’s testimonials and feedback confirmed the compliance and conformity of Matthew lubricants with the latest international standards and performance characteristics.

The local blending and manufacturing facility enable us to provide our major B2B customer with unique supply chain cost effectiveness and optimum delivery times. Our LOBP modern and advanced laboratories facilitate Oil Condition Monitoring and environmentally friendly effective product stewardship to all of our customers.

Customer can relay on our unmatched technical services to optimize their lubricants usage and to lower the overall maintenance costs of their equipment

LOBP and grease manufacturing plant

Based on the international studies of the automotive market in Sudan, the first and largest factory for the production of motor oils and greases was established in Sudan with a production capacity of over 60,000 metric tons per year exceeding the need of local market and work for export abroad where the factory was established in the city of Omdurman area 7500m2

As one of the latest analytical laboratories in the world was brought from France and was provided with human expertise with great experience in this field ,which from promoted many private and government bodies to benefit from the services of this center the oils are produced according to the specification of the American petroleum institute and according to the classification of the society of automotive engineers.