kak Restaurants Chain

KAK chicken restaurants is one of the Matthew group companies, which operates in several economic, industrial and service areas and agricultural and animal production.  

Origin:   KAK  chicken restaurants arose in line with the expansion of the company’s poultry production, which is the largest producer of table eggs and chicken meat in Sudan. All studies and marketing surveys related to the project were carried out to open the largest channels for distribution, direct sales and product diversification, in addition to selling table eggs, broiled chickens, and portioned chickens. Selling fried chicken as a new window of marketing.  

Objectives: By studying the market situation, it was found that the market lacks luxury tourist restaurants that offer high-quality products with a global taste. The project’s objectives are based on finding alternatives to traditional restaurants by providing high-quality services and products that compete with international restaurants. It helped that the source of chicken is from the company’s farms, where it is prepared daily and fresh. To be presented to the last consumer without storing for long periods, which negatively affects the quality of the product. The chicken of the KAK Chicken of restaurants is distinguished by the distinctive taste, as international mixtures were imported, as well as the freshness of the chicken due to the fact that it is fresh, daily, and from the company’s farms.