Matthew Aviation is specialized in the field of Aircraft refueling with jet A-1 fuel.

The service, by its nature is directed towards the airports within the republic of Sudan for both civil and governmental sectors and requires precision with Excellency and very high safety standards. Moreover, Matthew Aviation is working according to the International Standards.

the company holds the largest storge capacity for jet A-1at AlGaily depot adjacent to the national refinery ,Port Sudan and most of the other states.

Our Current Airports:

Mathew current airports for Aircraft Refueling services(Khartoum international Airport,PortSudan,AlFasher,Dongola,AlObied,Nyala,Geneina,Kebkabia,Tina,Daein,Zalingi,Kutum). Moreover, Matthew Aviation provides Bowsers at each airport with the capacity to serve all the sizes of airlines. Moreover, we import the best and latest equipments and tractors brands such as Mercedes, Volvo …etc.

Matthew Aviation Achievements:

We got recognized by BID for Quality and technology in gold category, Frankfurt, April 30, 2012 and Century International Platinum Quality ERA Award in 2013.

Our Customers: Matthew proudly provides refueling services for our Success Partners AACA (Arab Air Carrier Organization) members and Star alliance members since 2006 up to date.